About us

Yadava Cultural Academy Founded in the year 1999 Jan an unit of Yadava Cultural Academy formed at Hosur in Tamil Nadu in india, is a registered Voluntary Organization of the Yadavas, formed by the Yadavas, for the Welfare of the Yadavas of our Universe. It is a Cultural, Non Political, Neutral, Social Welfare Organization.

Yadava Cultural Academy giving motivation and confidence to coming generation’s Yadavar peoples.Yadava Cultural Academy's main aim is to unite our people.

Yadava Cultural Academy begin matrimonial services with service mind to serve the community.Marriages are made in Heaven, We are proud and feel joy to serve our community to find their life partners.

Yadava History

Today Yadavs constitutes 20% of India’s population and over 3% of the world population. In terms of sheer numbers this translate into 20 crores or 200 millions. The 20% population of Nepal also consists of Yadavs. 11.5% of Indian business is handled by Yadav's. Yadav's have 423 different type of sub-surname. 14.2 % NRI's are Yadav's. Yadav is the official Surname of 43 countries. Yadav’s are the largest race in the history of the whole world. Out of 223 countries worldwide, there are only 4 countries including India with over 20 crores or 200 million population. It has been truly said that Yadav’s are not merely a community but a “nation” in themselves.